Update may 3rd: Check Mini-Maps Specs

Aveiro Map / Santiago Neighborhood

Map Sample for  Santiago’s TempO Stage


  • Scale –  1:4000
  • Contour Interval –  2,5m
  • Course Planning  – Nuno Pires
  • Mapper – Rafael Miguel
    • Drawn- September 2016;
    • Update and New Area – March 2018

The area of Santiago neighborhood is a new map area never used in previous Aveiro City Race editions. Only a small existing area will be used.


General Information


  • Event Center – Casa da Comunidade Sustentável
  • Event Center Opening – 9h
  • Quarantine inside Event Center
  • WC in Event Center (for Disabled too)

Escalões e Prémios

  • Open Class only, no age limit, no gender distinction, no disabled condition class
  • Medals for top 3 atlhetes

Technical Information

Aerial View of  Santiago Neighborhood


  • TrailO Stage, TempO competition format
  • 6 Timed Stations stage setup
  • 5 challenges per Timed Station
  • Mandatory International Phonetic Alphabet voice or pointing answers
  • ZERO answer possible in all challenges
  • Course with 1600m lenght, 100% suitable for wheelchair users

Mini-Maps Specs

  • Laminated sheet maps, Book or Loose format, with cover sheet
  • A5 sized map sheets, according to IOF guidelines
  • Rounded Mini-maps, 6cm diameter for all stations except one, with 8cm;
  • No map north lines, just north arrows on side of Mini-maps
  • Same diameter size for Mini-maps of each Timed Station;
  • Cover Sheet shows Mini-Map diameter for that particular Timed Station;


  • All competitors must enter Quarantine  (indoor room in  Casa da Comunidade Sustentável) from 9h30 up to 10h00. No entries after 10h00.
  • WC inside Quarantine
  • First competitor call at 10h30
  • Quarantine is reserved for competitors and escorts for disabled competitors only
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any smartphone, camera or any electronic device inside Quarantine and during all competition. Penalty for this breaking this rule is disqualification.

Remark: The organizing team provides a safety spot for backpack keeping in the Event Center.