Preliminary Technical Info – Friday – Campus Night Race

University of Aveiro Map

Campus Night  Race stage map extract


  • Scale –  1:4000
  • Contour  Interval-  2,5m
  • Course Planner – Diogo Miguel
  • Mapper – Rafael Miguel
    • Drawn – September 2016
    • Update – February 2018

Preliminary Technical Info

ClassDistance (m)Climb(m)ControlsWinner Time (min)
Youth Men270012'-15'
Youth Women220012'-15'
Junior Men310012'-15'
Junior Women240012'-15'
Senior Men360012'-15'
Senior Women300012'-15'
Veteran Men310012'-15'
Veteran Women240012'-15'
Supervet Men270012'-15'
Supervet Women220012'-15'
Ultravet Men220012'-15'
Ultravet Women180012'-15'
Hypervet Men180012'-15'
Hypervet Women180012'-15'
Open Short1800
Open Medium2400
Open Long2700

Remark: Shown distances are measured by the shortest route.


Distance from the Event Center to Start

The distance from the Event Center (Pavilhão Aristides Hall) to Start is about 200m and takes 3 minutes walking.


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