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Entries Quick Guide



Register your entry in Aveiro City Race is easy. This Quick Guide is made for you.

The event has three Foot Orienteering stages, one each day, friday night May 4th, saturday afternoond and sunday morning.

An extra TrailO stage will be set at May 5th by the morning.

The detailed schedule is reachable in Program.


This event has different Classes and several Courses for:

  • Competition, with Classes by age, for individual runs;
  • Open Classes, for everyone, individual or group participation (tip: groups should be up to 4 people)

To know more about available Classes in Foot Orienteering stages, check Classes page.


For each Class, a unique Course is designed with several control points to visit. Distance a for shortest route and number of controls is the only prior known information.

To know about Technical Info for each Class, visit:

To know about the TrailO technical information, check: TempO – Saturday – Stage Information.


All stages have independent entries, you can choose to register for one or all stages.

You can enter different classes for each stage, mainly in Open classes. You can even run a stage in a group onde day and run solo in other day.

The entry classes choice is as flexible as you may think of.

To register your  entries, please consult the page Entries, Fees and Deadline. Choose to register online or by e-mail.


All payments can be made in advance by bank tranfer or with cash at the event days.


Please arrive at the Event Center one and a half hour before your starttime, to avoid queues…. and stress.


Startlists for confirmed entries are published in May 2. 


For any additional information or question , please use the mail address

This Quick Guide is available in the Entries menu.