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Update – Extra TempO Stage Information

Update (march 30):

The TempO stage held during Aveiro City Race will be the 2018 TempO Portuguese  National Championship title stage. Inês Domingues, from Clube de Orientação do Centro will defend his title here and for everyone else there’s no easy task to challenge her…


The TempO technical information is now online. If you’re sharp reading orienteering maps and quick in decision making , there’s a chance to test your skills and compete against some of the best Portuguese athletes in Santiago’s TempO stage.

The stage will be setup with 6 Timed Stations, each one with five challenges. It will be held on Saturday morning, may 5th, in a renewed green area inside Santiago neighborhood.




Santiago's TempO

Santiago's TempO

Saturday, may 5, 2018
Event Center at Casa da Comunidade Sustentável

Click for Technical Info






 Aerial View of Competition Area


For all info about this stage please click HERE, or check Extra TempO on Menu Bar.


Remark: If you already made you entry on the Foot Orienteering stages and you want to compete on TempO stage, you can edit with EXPRESS CODE link and add the TempO entry to your stage list. If you already paid your fees, don’t worry about paying the TempO fee. You can do it in Aveiro at the Event Center.