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Welcome Message


Welcome to AVEIRO CITY RACE 2018.

For the third consecutive year, the Estarreja Orienteering Club and the Aveiro Municipality take the Orienteering sport into the city’s heart.

The challenge is bigger, not only for the organizing team but also for the athletes. There are 3 competition days and 4 stages, with some new features.

This year’s edition dates are from 4th to 6th of May, just in time for the annual town festivity week named Festas da Cidade.

The first stage is set up for Friday… Night. The flashlight becomes the new navigation tool since there is no record of a night Orienteering competition held in Aveiro.

Saturday morning is dedicated to Trail Orienteering. A TempO stage is set and the top Portuguese athletes will be here for a Portuguese 2018 Cup stage. For added competition, this stage may give a ticket to represent Portugal in the World Trail Orienteering Championships 2018 in Latvia next August.

Like in 2016, the goal of organizing a TempO stage is to promote the discipline of  Trail Orienteering, bringing together both Paralympic and non-paralympic athletes into a unique competition side by side.

Saturday afternoon an Urban Foot Orienteering Sprint will be held, focusing on the local runners and school teams participation. As in last year, we expect a large number of young students and families with small children, making this stage a way to get to know the sport as a hobby activity for everyone.

Sunday morning is the day of the main stage of AVEIRO CITY RACE, a Middle-Long distance race part of  PORTUGAL CITY RACE 2018 circuit.


But the most appealing factor of Sunday stage is the opening of CITY RACE EURO TOUR 2018 circuit. This year’s edition host cities are Aveiro, Mérida, Ypres, London, Rome, Manchester, Girona and Funchal.


The organizing team is looking forward to host some of the best skilled Orienteers coming from every corner of Europe.

Ori-Estarreja club and the Municipality invites all, with or without previous Orienteering experience, to plan this weekend to be here.


Both as event director and Aveiro native, follow my advice and come to more than just Orienteering. Add some spare days of vacation to your stay, discover the town and their main places, take a boat trip throughout the city channels, discover the Lagoon and its region and don’t forget to taste one of the most worldwide appreciated sweet delicacies, the Ovos Moles.

Aveiro and their people know how to host and wait for your visit.

We will wait for you,

Nuno Pires

Aveiro City Race 2018 Event Director