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How to Pay

Payment of the entry fees can be done by bank transfer (preferably) or directly at the Event Center with money.


Data for payment by bank transfer:
Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Agency: Estarreja
Account number: 003502910003342833041
IBAN: PT50003502910003342833041

Recipient name: ORI-Estarreja – Clube de Orientação de Estarreja
Recipient’s address: Apartado 141, 3864-909 Estarreja, Portugal

Recipient Bank address: Avenida Visconde de Salreu, 3860-353 Estarreja, Portugal


All entries paid by bank transfer you need to send a receipt of the transfer (via email:


It is essential that this receipt clearly identifies the payer, so please complete the following steps:

  • In EXPRESS ENTRY FORM IN OASIS, put the Express Code on the confirmation;
  • For club payments, always insert the club name in the description.
  • For partial club payments, please indicate in the description the club and the list of athletes that are paying, or send an e-mail to the organizers with the list and the attached receipt.


Use the address to all e-mails related to entries.

Remark: all expenses inherent to the transfer shall be borne by the payer.

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Entries, Fees and Deadline


Entries should be made preferably on the platform OriOasis.

On the same registration site, you can register your number of children for babysitting and hard floor (both are free-entry, but with mandatory registration).



E-Mail entries are made for the address

Data needed for e-mail entries:

  • Name (s) of the athletes (s);
  • Date (s) of birth;
  • The Club’s name / Country;
  • Federated POF number (if member);
  • Nº of SI-card if you have one. In the absence of this, you use one free of charge.
    • The loss or non-return of SI Card implies the payment of € 50.
  • Class to register in;
  • Competition to take part (in case you don’t want to take part in all 3 competition stages)

Note: If you have difficulties/questions related to submissions please send an e-mail to



All online and e-mail entries close at April 30, 2018, to all classes.

Last resort entries are made at the competition days in the Event Center.

All entries made not listed in the startlists are dependent of map availability in each competition day.

Remark 1: Groups are treated as one startlist entry, but all group element entries must be made for data and fee processing.

Remark 2: Starting groups use only one SI Card per group, but all elements should take an individual map.


Entry Fees in Aveiro City Race 2018 stages


All fees are the same for each stage. Fees are per person.

Age at December 31st, 2018Entry Fee per Stage
20 years old or younger3 Euros
More than 20 years of age5 Euros
School Team Athletes1,50 Euros

Remark 1: Fees include SI Card rental and sport insurance (only for Portuguese participants and residents).

Remark 2: Foreign athletes, check with your local Federation for sport insurance during the competition.


Entry Fee in Extra TempO stage


Age at December 31st, 2018Entry Fee in Extra TempO Stage
More than 10 years old3 Euros


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