Aveiro City Race Puzzles

During Aveiro City Race, two original event sourvenirs will be available at the Event Centers for you. As an Orienteer, you will enjoy it for sure.

We made some Orienteering puzzles drawn with Aveiro map, in two sizes:


  • Aveiro City Center – Scale 1:4000 – A4 size – 120 pieces – 7 Euros
  • Aveiro Orienteering Map – Scale 1:5000 – A3 size – 192 pieces – 12 Euros



This iniciative has a fund raising goal. A group of students from Aveiro’s Mário Sacramento School are going to Spain in a study trip in late June, for several days, and focused on the Spanish culture.
The organization of Aveiro City Race decided to help them as a godfather of this trip and every penny raised from the sell is 100% donated to them.
Many athletes from the organizing club have already reserved their own puzzle due to the exclusive content of it.

The puzzle is as good to you or as a gift, specially for a Orienteering friend.

If you want to reserve one or more in advance, please send a mail to nunopiresorientacao@gmail.com. Send the quantity and size you want, please.

The payment is done at the Event Center when you pick them up.

The Event Director,

Nuno Pires

Aveiro City Race powered by AIR+ Contactless System



All stages in Aveiro City Race 2018 will have SPORTident AIR+ contactless timing system.

Besides traditional SI punching system, all athletes with SPORTident Active Card (SIAC) can punch controls with no need to touch the stations.



It is only needed to approach the chip less than half a meter and check the sound and optical feedback given by the SIAC.

A SIAC battery test station will be available near the start for athlete convenience.



Remark: Athletes without SIAC use the normal SI contact punching system.


To learn more about AIR+ contactless timing system, click SPORTident Airplus – Information for Athletes.

Entries Quick Guide



Register your entry in Aveiro City Race is easy. This Quick Guide is made for you.

The event has three Foot Orienteering stages, one each day, friday night May 4th, saturday afternoond and sunday morning.

An extra TrailO stage will be set at May 5th by the morning.

The detailed schedule is reachable in Program.


This event has different Classes and several Courses for:

  • Competition, with Classes by age, for individual runs;
  • Open Classes, for everyone, individual or group participation (tip: groups should be up to 4 people)

To know more about available Classes in Foot Orienteering stages, check Classes page.


For each Class, a unique Course is designed with several control points to visit. Distance a for shortest route and number of controls is the only prior known information.

To know about Technical Info for each Class, visit:

To know about the TrailO technical information, check: TempO – Saturday – Stage Information.


All stages have independent entries, you can choose to register for one or all stages.

You can enter different classes for each stage, mainly in Open classes. You can even run a stage in a group onde day and run solo in other day.

The entry classes choice is as flexible as you may think of.

To register your  entries, please consult the page Entries, Fees and Deadline. Choose to register online or by e-mail.


All payments can be made in advance by bank tranfer or with cash at the event days.


Please arrive at the Event Center one and a half hour before your starttime, to avoid queues…. and stress.


Startlists for confirmed entries are published in May 2. 


For any additional information or question , please use the mail address  info@ori-estarreja.pt.

This Quick Guide is available in the Entries menu.

Update – Extra TempO Stage Information

Update (march 30):

The TempO stage held during Aveiro City Race will be the 2018 TempO Portuguese  National Championship title stage. Inês Domingues, from Clube de Orientação do Centro will defend his title here and for everyone else there’s no easy task to challenge her…


The TempO technical information is now online. If you’re sharp reading orienteering maps and quick in decision making , there’s a chance to test your skills and compete against some of the best Portuguese athletes in Santiago’s TempO stage.

The stage will be setup with 6 Timed Stations, each one with five challenges. It will be held on Saturday morning, may 5th, in a renewed green area inside Santiago neighborhood.




Santiago's TempO

Santiago's TempO

Saturday, may 5, 2018
Event Center at Casa da Comunidade Sustentável

Click for Technical Info






 Aerial View of Competition Area


For all info about this stage please click HERE, or check Extra TempO on Menu Bar.


Remark: If you already made you entry on the Foot Orienteering stages and you want to compete on TempO stage, you can edit with EXPRESS CODE link and add the TempO entry to your stage list. If you already paid your fees, don’t worry about paying the TempO fee. You can do it in Aveiro at the Event Center.


Trips and Visits @ Aveiro

The organizing team established partnerships with the local tourist operators Aveitour and Cale do Oiro.



All Aveiro City Race 2018 participants can benefit discounts in tourist trips and visits  during the months of May and June.

Click Trips and Visits Page for details.


Technical Info and Event Centers

The Technical Information and Event Center locations for each day are now online. You can check it on Competition menu or clicking on the images below.




Campus Night Race

Campus Night Race

Friday, may 4, 2018
Event Center at University of Aveiro, in Pavilhão Aristides Hall

Click for Technical Info






Urban Race

Urban Race

Saturday, may 5, 2018
Event Center at Casa da Comunidade Sustentável

Click for Technical Info






Aveiro City Race

Aveiro City Race

Sunday, may 6, 2018
Event Center at Mercado do Peixe

Click for Technical Info





Aerial View of Aveiro

In this video, you will meet Aveiro from above and meet some of the key locations for ACR 2018 edition such as University  Campus, Mercado do Peixe (Event Center for Sunday stage), the tricky old Historical City Center, the green areas and all major city channels and where crossing is limited to some foot bridges. All added up, this is a Urban Orienteering challenge you need to experience by visiting Aveiro.


ACR 2018 Headline – Campus Night Race


University of Aveiro

University of Aveiro

Campus Santiago, overlooking the Aveiro lagoon, is a prize-winning Campus, renowned for its many buildings designed by famous Portuguese architects. Its buildings are purpose-built for teaching and research, administrative and technical support, and include halls of residence for students and staff, libraries, bookshop, canteens, bars and restaurants, sports facilities, laundry, post-office, stores, bank, kindergarten – all this on one campus.



The Place of Competiton and name of the first stage of Aveiro City Race 2018 is now revealed.

Friday, May 4th, the Campus Night Race will be set up in the Campus Santiago, home ground of the University of Aveiro.


The Competition Area is covered by a 2016 drawn map only used for a School Relay and for the TempO stage in the Aveiro City Race 2016.

The Campus map has been recently updated for this year’s stage. There’s no better place to start the Orienteering weekend than the University. Bring your own running and navigation skills to a place where know-how takes a major role…. and don’t forget a headlight too.

Campus Night Race, the “Thinking Race”



Take some time and have a heads up of Campus Santiago in the video below.



Accommodation in Aveiro

The organizing team established some partnerships with hotels, local lodging and tourist operators for discount rates in accommodation, additional services and tourist trips for the competition weekend and weeks before and after the event.

The list of accommodation partners, rates, conditions and contacts can be found HERE.


Tourist trips discounts and suggestions will be added in a few days.


Credits: Photos by José Ramos